Nov 27, 2009

From DKlogy pages.

Well seriously I have to admit that...yeh I can't talk with girls over cell for long.Dude I don't know whether u got that gift(talking to gals in phone) embedded in ur brain by God when u were in the womb but I totally am a big time sucker.But m improving ..thatz a good sign.
From ma experience and research I came up to the conclusion that there are basically 3 types of gals in this world viz.
1.Girls with small O.
2.Girls with average O.
3 Girls with big O.

Girls with small O: They are true woman.Gals with small O are interestingly interesting.They handle it so well ..yeh that conversation.You talk with her for hour(s) without actually knowing wht u r talking or wht should be ur nxt topic.Itz instant ..therez no pause ,no cheap talks,no dull story... no nothing..
just the process is continous until u realised that u had the best cellorgsm in ur life.

Girls with average O: They are like Kozeny-Karman equation or in other terms the state transport buses. Pause and go ,pause n go syndrome..yeh exactly U talk n talk,pause for a while to pick up a topic which u think will b cool .The same applies both sides...Man no surprise from ma research 77.865% pairs suffer from this "syndrome".Gals who got an average O should start seriously taking vodka to improve their skills or else google "How to talk to a guy on the phone".It got
196,000,000 results.cheerz.

Girls with big O: Man they are the most dumb people on earth.I totally feel a loser when I find no topics to discuss..but atleast I expect her to pick something which can nurture the process but no mayb shez thinkin the same abt me.Man thatz tough ...Either u talk or u switch off ur cell.Recently I called up this big O type gal ..after some initial Hi-Hello seconds shez numb ,may be shez totally engrossed in her mehendi upgradation.After 2 such silent mins I felt that shez may be busy with again she startz in an uber uninteresting voice abt an uber unintersting girlish topic.I blahed blahed n then again paused for 4 mins ...The whole situation now turns gloomy and dull n it goes on.Man I am such a sucker.Got no advice for Big O type gals wht u are .Boyz will call u only once.Peace.

Nov 16, 2009


Well this topic ain't about the historic Rakhi Sawant or her highly popular dramabazies.Itz about my friend ,philosopher and guide Rakhi Sawant the lizard who stays in Hostel-B,roomno 29 of NIT raipur.Well why did I name her Rakhi Sawant wouldn't be disclosed over here but I thing u people should learn abt Rakhi sawant is that "U may hate her but u can't ignore her".The same applies here with my lizard "Rakhi Sawant".
Rakhi Sawantz dominant area is one meter radii around the fluorescent tube of roomno29 of hostel B.she sleeps , she shits ,she sings in her marked-up area.She fears nobody, she waits and waits ..steadily for her victim.No pressure,no fear in her eyes shez focussed towards her goal.All her senses are activated.A foolish fly flies in towards the light thinking of finding her perfect match near the fluorescent no time our Rakhi clears it.She slips out her twisty tongue to get some fresh air.
Shez waiting again,still focussed ,no pressure , no fear.
As I mentioned before she sleeps,she shits, she sings in her marked area.That "marked area is" 7 feet above my bed.

Nov 4, 2009


a dogma laid  to celebrate Diwali or Dīpāvali(Sanskrit: a row of lamps).
Rama came home after 14 years of exile and his victory over Ravana the then ruler of ancient Srilanka.According to the legend , to celebrate this special occasion the people of Ayodhya welcomed Rama by lighting rows of lamps .
Well in South India the case is a bit different as they celebrate Diwali to mark the victory of Krishna over Narakasura.
In Jainism, Diwali marks the attainment of nirvana by Mahavira.
In Sikhism Diwali or "Bandi Chhorh Divas" is celebrated to commemorate the release of Guru Har Govind Ji who was imprisoned along with 52 other Hindu Kings at fort Gwalior by emperor Jahengir.The Golden temple of Amritsar is illuminated on this occasion.
Whatever may be the occasion wht concerns me of the use of fire-crackers and liquor during the so called "celebration".They have become an indispensable part of the occasion.
what junta should know that crackers aren't trendy anymore and also be educated with their harmful effects.
About liquors, every single soul know about itz harm.
"make a pledge and njoy ur future diwali(s) in a smokefree and non-alcoholic environment".cheerz.