Oct 1, 2010

We went,we hugged,we cried ,we departed

 I hurriedly checked the list which was pasted near the entry  door of S3 of Betwa Express.
Man ....not again, all above 30!!
Girls are becoming rarer day by day in trains.But that didn't dimmed my excitement ; the feeling of attending my first convocation was all that was on my mind.
I always like to choose upper birth .
Reasons :
Firstly I am a bit reserved guy and secondly I was able to save myself many a times from being molested by those eunuchs( just try to maintain your  sleeping composure on the upper berth;that helps).
But that day I didn't feel like getting cocooned up.I just threw my bag-pack up into my berth and went straight towards the doorway.The train gained its momentum.The green sceneries became more and more visible with the strong gushes of air hitting my face.I just loved it.

All these days I have been hearing a lot of Kurt Cobain songs.

"She eyes me like a Pisces when I am weak
I've been locked inside your heart-shaped box for weeks"

I just murmered those words .I lighted up a cig and just let my  mind develop its wings.It flew straight back to those engineering days.Evrything became distinct .DADA,date,Pharrahs,fest evrything became so vivid.I smiled.Sometimes life is so beautiful.

Reached Raipur around 1 pm.Panda was accompanying me.His little body made its way quickly through the exit.
 Dev ,Avin and Amit was waiting for my arrival at 'The Celebration'.THeir smile lighted  up the whole envo.We hugged like we had been meeting after ages.
Friendship is really beautiful.

After the registration process and proceedings I awaited for the D-day.
THe D-day
Everyone looked so smart and matured in the convocation gown.Smile and clicks prevailed everywhere.
"Sale kaha hai aajkaal??Phone no de tera.
"Abe tu to mota hai gaya"
Slangs became norms.
Profs didn't let us touch their feet....they hugged us instead.
Evry girl looked beautiful.

Toppers were felicitated on stage while others were handed down their certificates on spot.But who cares , everyone was so excited and happy after meeting their old buddies that they hardly gave a hint whtz gng on around.Clicks, slangs,gossips ruled everywhere.

DADA had a blast that night.Dev and AMitz on the spot decision saved that night.It was a dry day n the budding engineers managed to get 2 bumpers the day before for the D-night.Dev's room was 'readied' for the celebration.

Alcohol made us to realise our friendship even deeper.
Talks and ideas flowed like anything from as usual GF to politics,engineering life to those hardcore boss and profs.
We danced, hugged ,cried and sang......
Fck its 4 am....

Suddenly Avin declared..."Letz go on a long drive".Btw we were in need of cigs too.
Evryone hopped into the car  ...fully drunk.
Section 144 prevailed in Raipur that day due to ongoing Ayodhya verdict...We hardly gave a shit.I hate politics n I hate media.

I tried my best to keep myself awake.Evrytime Avin would warn Dev to keep an eye on me so that I don't doze off as I am always the first one in the group to do it.I still remember they screamed the hell out of me when I managed to get into a deep slumber(as if we had met with an accident).
"Fcking bastards!!!"
Around 5 am  a tapri  welcomed us.Beside a police convoy was parked.The men in uniform were snoring..Good old police...even they too are humans.Smoke filled up the air.I drove back ..yeh that was the only solution for me from dozing off.
Swaying and swinging we managed to get back to our room...
Snoring ruled after that......

Thus we came,we hugged ,we cried and we departed.
"Love live Friendship".
DADA stands for Dhruv ,Avin ,Dev n Amit.
Thankz Golu,Dhiru,Anil,Ramu,Atul,Devhari,Sudhir,Panda,Manoj,Baba,Sattu,Vysagh,Mota,Lathi,Hudda,
Khomu,Sonta,Tathagat,Panda,Priyanka ,Priyanka Gurung,Arti,Shaila,Mamta, Raman, Vidya for making those 4 years memorable and beautiful.