Dec 4, 2011

To Irin....with love

Irene feel insecure if I blog?
Zainy give me that Sreesanth look again if I bother her again?
Rakhi Sawant start loving me again if I open my heart for her in my blog?
My 'Hitlerish' sister Priyanka reboot her boring lectures again once I write?
My adorable bhanja call me up and say "Mlama U r awesome. I just wlant to ble like you".
The question was "To blog or not to blog" until one day my dear friend Irene called me up and demanded "Dhruv, you didn't come to my marriage nor you sent me any gift. 
I am so mad at you. You need to write something about me in your blog".

Challenge accepted!

Few days back when I was strolling in Facebook after taking off from my research, I came across Irene's profile picture which kinda caught my attention. The picture spoke many words, expressed many emotions. But what really backfired my nerve cells was I can bother Irene with my serious thoughts.
Hence I enacted 5 different scenarios which depicts each expressions.

Irene U can treat/hit me later. Thank you for the Biryani treat though!

Picture 5

Irene knew me a person of great intellectual and always seeked my technical expertise whenever needed. One day my cell buzzed. It was Irene on the other end.
Kirfkirt Dude : Hello Iron
Irene : KD...m stucked(very concerned voice)
KD : Where??How??
Irene : There is a power failure and the elevator is not working.
KD : So what is the problem??
Irene : I was stuck outside the elevator. I am waiting for the last 20 minutes.
KD : Ohh(I imagined her face...Picture 5 )
Irene : KD I donno what to do..please help me.
KD : Ok Irene...why don't you use the staircase??
Irene : Ahh..thank you KD. I would do that. You are genius.

Picture 4

KD : Congrats Irene. Now tell me, What did you achieve?
Irene : I successfully completed a very complicated Jigsaw puzzle.
KD : How much time did you take to complete the puzzle?
Irene : I just took two days to complete it.
KD : But don't you think that it is a very long time to complete a puzzle?
Irene : No. It is not. In fact the cover says "2 years and above"
KD: Oh. Then we should celebrate it :) 

Picture 3

I can somehow relate this status to picture 3. 

Picture 2

KD: You seem to be lost somewhere. Whats wrong?
Irene: I am confused what color of curtains should I choose for my laptop?
KD: Curtains for Laptop??
Irene: Hello!?? My computer has Windows!!
KD: Blue with white flower print will be a good choice!

Picture 1

Irene : I just read your blog!

Note: Entirely fictional events. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. Sorry Irin!

                                               "Happy Married life Paul and Irin".