Jul 4, 2011

Back from LALALanD

I admit I was buried inside the stress-cocoon for ages.Didi ki shaadi, project-submissions , guide-nurturing, my recent breakup with Rakhi Sawant  can be attributed  for my abeyance.Yes yes I know the Rakhi Sawant thing will interest you all which Kirfkirt Dude will be tight-lipped throughout the post.
My recent tryst with Zainy retorted me to take up blogging seriously.A very warm "Thank You" through this post-DIL SE.

During his hibernation period, Kirfkirt Dude conducted many top-secret experiments and was on the verge of discovering a Deoderant specially for the "cross-dressers".To know more about "cross-dressers" readers are advised to click on link. But due to his recent breakup with Rakhi Sawant, KD lost all the interest in the experiment.Sigh an another unnoticed death to a great idea !!
Another very important discovery which Kirfkirt Dude made in the process was the secret behind "windmill-headbanging".I hope everyone remembered the scene from Peepli Live  where effed up women in the rural area moved their heads in clockwise and counter-clockwise vigorously as if their soul were possessed by demon/ghost.Well wind-headbanging style ain't different from this.The only difference women are replaced by men and agarbattis and ghee replaced by weed and beer.
An epic video showcasing the art of windmill-headbanging.

 Note : Watch out for the "Flying Dude" @ .50 .I miss my good old days after watching this video.

Well another godsent gift was my unexpected trip to Shillong with Dev.Guys one of the ten things you should do in your life - explore Shillong, the Scotland of the East.No I wouldn't rhapsodize about the trip , rather I will leave all upto you to do that.I say pictures speak larger than words(unless edited).

All Saints Church
  Green tea.
Beer with pork Momo.

If you are a beer fan like me don't miss the above "delicacy".I swear its "Effing awesome".
Music, Drizzle, Beer,NSPs(नयन सुख प्राप्ति) ,  Elephant falls, Shillong Peak, Cherranpunji, Police Bazaar etc n etc ..What more can you ask for in Life?Go check wikipedia/ local holiday planner for more details.Go free your senses in Shillong.

Well my deary Bhanja started to get geeky(with a bit of help from his Mama of course).
Here below are the proofs.

Mama where is counterstrike??

"Mama can you open an fb account with this profile picture??"

The above picture was taken when Priyanka got hitched and we four  siblings took the rare opportunity to get clicked together in one frame.A very rare picture indeed!!

"Happy married life Maini.And stop looking for girls for me.I am dead serious "-With Love, your brother Kirfkirt Dude.