Oct 1, 2010

We went,we hugged,we cried ,we departed

 I hurriedly checked the list which was pasted near the entry  door of S3 of Betwa Express.
Man ....not again, all above 30!!
Girls are becoming rarer day by day in trains.But that didn't dimmed my excitement ; the feeling of attending my first convocation was all that was on my mind.
I always like to choose upper birth .
Reasons :
Firstly I am a bit reserved guy and secondly I was able to save myself many a times from being molested by those eunuchs( just try to maintain your  sleeping composure on the upper berth;that helps).
But that day I didn't feel like getting cocooned up.I just threw my bag-pack up into my berth and went straight towards the doorway.The train gained its momentum.The green sceneries became more and more visible with the strong gushes of air hitting my face.I just loved it.

All these days I have been hearing a lot of Kurt Cobain songs.

"She eyes me like a Pisces when I am weak
I've been locked inside your heart-shaped box for weeks"

I just murmered those words .I lighted up a cig and just let my  mind develop its wings.It flew straight back to those engineering days.Evrything became distinct .DADA,date,Pharrahs,fest evrything became so vivid.I smiled.Sometimes life is so beautiful.

Reached Raipur around 1 pm.Panda was accompanying me.His little body made its way quickly through the exit.
 Dev ,Avin and Amit was waiting for my arrival at 'The Celebration'.THeir smile lighted  up the whole envo.We hugged like we had been meeting after ages.
Friendship is really beautiful.

After the registration process and proceedings I awaited for the D-day.
THe D-day
Everyone looked so smart and matured in the convocation gown.Smile and clicks prevailed everywhere.
"Sale kaha hai aajkaal??Phone no de tera.
"Abe tu to mota hai gaya"
Slangs became norms.
Profs didn't let us touch their feet....they hugged us instead.
Evry girl looked beautiful.

Toppers were felicitated on stage while others were handed down their certificates on spot.But who cares , everyone was so excited and happy after meeting their old buddies that they hardly gave a hint whtz gng on around.Clicks, slangs,gossips ruled everywhere.

DADA had a blast that night.Dev and AMitz on the spot decision saved that night.It was a dry day n the budding engineers managed to get 2 bumpers the day before for the D-night.Dev's room was 'readied' for the celebration.

Alcohol made us to realise our friendship even deeper.
Talks and ideas flowed like anything from as usual GF to politics,engineering life to those hardcore boss and profs.
We danced, hugged ,cried and sang......
Fck its 4 am....

Suddenly Avin declared..."Letz go on a long drive".Btw we were in need of cigs too.
Evryone hopped into the car  ...fully drunk.
Section 144 prevailed in Raipur that day due to ongoing Ayodhya verdict...We hardly gave a shit.I hate politics n I hate media.

I tried my best to keep myself awake.Evrytime Avin would warn Dev to keep an eye on me so that I don't doze off as I am always the first one in the group to do it.I still remember they screamed the hell out of me when I managed to get into a deep slumber(as if we had met with an accident).
"Fcking bastards!!!"
Around 5 am  a tapri  welcomed us.Beside a police convoy was parked.The men in uniform were snoring..Good old police...even they too are humans.Smoke filled up the air.I drove back ..yeh that was the only solution for me from dozing off.
Swaying and swinging we managed to get back to our room...
Snoring ruled after that......

Thus we came,we hugged ,we cried and we departed.
"Love live Friendship".
DADA stands for Dhruv ,Avin ,Dev n Amit.
Thankz Golu,Dhiru,Anil,Ramu,Atul,Devhari,Sudhir,Panda,Manoj,Baba,Sattu,Vysagh,Mota,Lathi,Hudda,
Khomu,Sonta,Tathagat,Panda,Priyanka ,Priyanka Gurung,Arti,Shaila,Mamta, Raman, Vidya for making those 4 years memorable and beautiful.

Jul 22, 2010

Pea-cock>>non-males...welcome to IITK

Never ever in ma life had I ever dreamed of doing ma Masters .But fate is all wht one can be never sure off.
Thankz to the 1 hour of Counter-strike practise just before giving the GATE which might have stimulated ma brain cells to such an extent that GATE questions seemed like a watching the Shasha Grey stuffs....

So finally Kirfkirt dude banged into so called Hall of Residence 8 : H-312 of IIT- K on 17th July this year.
Everything seemed warm...from the climate to the welcoming by the seniors.

5 commandments for a new PG student (from the 5 days experience).

NB:Readers are advised to follow the commandments at their own risk.Consequences wouldn't be shared with the author.

1) Get a bicycle.no excuses plz.If u fckn don't know how to ride it ; better start practising along with your GATE preparation.

2)Get in touch with any senior over here.If you don't have any ; consult facebook , orkut etc etc.Your girl-friend's best friend's brother's sister's boyfriend might be studying over here.Keep track of it.
Rest .."India is small".

3)If you are allergic to peacock don't come to IITK. Peacock/Non-male >1.

4)If you got a girl-friend plz tell her to accompany till here.Girls are allowed in the hostel till 12 night Ahh No.... till morning(itz upto you and her) ....'Itz 3 a.m now n I can still see that couple in the canteen'.
Love you IITK.

5)Great net speed+imba food+terabytes of shared entertainments+unlimted facilities and freedom.If you put your thumbs up for all these ..welcome to IITK.

Todays informal meeting with the department seniors made me to write all the above stuffs.
In the meeting when I spoke of ma areas of interest I mentioned about being a blogger.
But Heck I hadn't updated ma blog since more than 2 months which was surely in a rusty condition..so just to oil it up a bit I randomly wrote this no-nonsense commandments.
And Seniors ...thankz for the snack-treat.

Apr 28, 2010

Megan Fox- I will miss U.

Prenote : If you arrived here with the intention of satisfying your kinky desires then better press ALT+F4. Still if you are trying to sneek in then I can't help you.Go ahead.

fig(i) She is not Megan Fox

Last few days I have been going through experiencing lots of "engineereed emotions" of life.My last few days in engineering and I am not happy.Rather I have been passing my time rejoicing at those beautiful moments which made my life so worthy.
I gonna miss so many things, so many fun.

Those xerox copies and one night stand studies before the D day.

Those Tapri(s) where we got the bliss after an overnight session of Counter-strike .

Those "Bars" n "Dhabas" where we realised the meaning of "true friendship".

Those readymade formulae on the back of my admit card.

Those Submission of readymade answersheets during unit tests.

My departments unique teachers and their mimicries by my batchies.

Those cricket matches in the mess where rather than watching the TV , slangs n swearing made no less than a fish market.

Those nude shows and modelling in the bathroom.

Those gully cricket matches inside the hostel.

But the most important I m gonna miss ma dear Megan Fox- ma pillow.

Megan Fox have been with me thick and thin for the last 4 years.I have been sleeping with her and she is responsible for all my brainy ideas.She is very loyal to me and I am more than ever loyal to her.I never washed her nor allowed anyone to wash her.I use to give that "Sreesanth look" whenever someone tried to sleep with her. But things soon gonna change becoz I have to leave her as those rotten cotton inside the brownish reddish blackish cloth signified the "over-used period" and secondly my hostel life is coming to its end.

fig (ii) Real Megan Fox

(the picture is intentionally edited by the author to hide its true colour.)

Why "Megan Fox" is so much special to me:

She acted as my thinking cap.

She supported me during those late ethanol-induced nights.

She acted as my shield sometimes!!!

She lap-danced during those movie sessions.

Shez been a part of ma many ADVENTURous trip.

Most importantly I liked the way she seduced me to sleep.

Now situations move as per the tick-tocki.Lemme enjoy my last few days with my beautiful Megan Fox.Time to sleep guyz.Good night.

Hope I get an even better Megan Fox in Pune!!!!

Apr 19, 2010

FAIR Deal!!

Kirfkirt dude's 16 year old cousin is very confused nowadays.

: She is not able to choose the right soap-bar for her.

So I made a quick survey with this Google guy which is the best soap for any gal/boy this days.
I opted out with the following conclusion "ALL SUCKS!!".

But on its way to bar-enlightenment Kirfkirt dude discovered many depressing facts.


Slithering around in the queen size bathtub with rose petals strewn all over she delicately rubbed her back and armpits.
Camera 1 focussed on her face.

CAmera 2 focussed on her back.

Camera 3 focussed from the top angle !!!

Kirfkirt dude got inspired .He instantly brought that product.
After 2 weeks of struggle Kirfkirt dude ended with
"This SUCKS!!!".

The actress got rich by millions.
My skin rather got more roughed.


Who is that dude??

OMG he is surrounded by 4 beautiful ladies while bathing.I got motivated.Itz ma dream comon!!!!

Catchy n inspiring I left no stone unturned
while using this product.
Infact I bathed twice,
sometimes thrice a day to make ma dream come true.

Result: "Not even a single gal appreciated ma beauty."

The actor got rich by millions.

My skin got more roughed.

After 1 month of extensive research I called up my cousin to give my final verdict.
She was anxious!!

All are fake.U better drink 2 gallons of water regularly n spread loads of good thoughts .Scientifically proven it helps glowing up your skin.

Damn I still can't forget the top angle scene!!!

"Btw which soap do you use??"

Apr 16, 2010

Kirfkirt Dudez Interview Tips!!

Have you ever played the musical chair game?? I bet u certainly do!!!
Kirfkirt dude loves playing the musical chair game.
Every guy has to play the musical chair game once in his lifetime.

Kirfkirt dude played 3 rounds of the game viz with IOCL , with TATA Steel n once with GGL until those TACO guys lifted Kirfkirt dude into one of the chairs.

So after Kirfkirt dude finally won a round of the musical chair game, he decided to write a book on "How to crack interview in 5 mins : a Dklogy approach to a successfull career".But no publisher melted out his request..
But Kirfkirt dude didn't loose his heart.The trail copy is out over here.
U guys are lucky!!!Njoy.

Tip No 1: Never so "NO" to ur girl-friend/boyfriend.

My GD topic was "Wht lessons have you learnt from the movie 3 idiots??"
My memories flew back to that day when one of my Gfs forced me to watch "3 idiots" along with her at the 1st day 1st show."I hate Bollywood but I love Rakhi!!!"
Had ma reply been negative to ma GF , I wouldn't have learnt anything from those "3 idiots".

Tip No 2 : Don't be a playboy.

Interviewer :How many girlfriends do u have dude??
Kirfkirt : Only one Sir.
Interviewer : Don't lie.
Kirfkirt : Sir I am committed to only one.(accept it!!)
Interviewer : Dude you are too young and handsome to be committed.
Kirfkirt : Sir Commitment don't come up with age or looks rather every work you do should be done with full commintment.


Moral: Commitment sucks.

Tip No 3: Mind your words!!Anna RascallA!!

Interviewer :Wht you want to do after coming to the company??
Kirfkirt : Sir I want to see maself promoted with years to come.
(No Sir I was not planning to replace you)
The guy then screwed me up like anything and I was at the recipient end of his counterkicks, side-kicks, face punches ,dropkicks etc.
Result : I survived the stress interview with some bruises n cuts .

Tip No 4 : Buy a mirror (6 ft* 4 ft)

Buy a big size mirror(size specified above) and rather than appreciating your looks do talk to your image about anything.
Will at times feel like a pycho but itz worth it.You will be the source of inspiration for yourself!!!

Tip No 5 : Be yourself.

There are 2 kinds of people in this world viz one is you and the other is the rest.
Baki "Aaall izz Well".

The below video can be a source of inspiration too(Impossible is Nothing)

Mar 25, 2010

Rakhi Sawant..continued....

There are 2 kinds of people in this world viz follower n leader-Dklogy v2.9.

"Rakhi Sawant is the leader & kirfkirt dude is her follower."Cheerz.

So "Rakhi" finally emerged in ma room from nowhere.My happiness knew no bounds when I saw her becoz ma papers are approaching and I needed "inspiration".

To know more abt Rakhi do read

Rakhiz comeback to ma room is fashionably similar to Tiger Woods comeback to the beautiful golf game.Rakhi was fresh and vibrant ; her trademark shrieked ain't changed.

So I was constantly gazing at Rakhi but she was still...no ...she was constantly gazing at another lizard
(cluelessly male!!) who was then constantly gazing at a fly/mosquito(whtever).I guess I got a newcomer ..Rakhiz BF.

I deviated ma vision from Rakhi to her BF(letz say Eleesh P.)He waited n striked at the right moment .No he didn't gulped it....Eleesh approached Rakhi while the dim florescent light glowed in the background..a perfect micro romantic scene.
Eleesh sang

"Rakhi u r more beautiful than the red florescent light

plz accept tis token of love n gulp it in 1 bite."

Eleesh flipped out the half-dead mosquito .Rakhi was blushing ...

(Gals look more beautiful when they blush)
she gulped "the token of love" in one go.

"Love is in the air".

Mar 22, 2010

Application to ma GF(s).

Recently kirfkirt dude received a very interesting mail from one of his close friends.He found it so IMBA that he couldn't resist to publish it in his "coffee, grass n future" after a "heavy hangover".

Note: I just modified it a bit for humour sake.


Name of Boyfriend/Fiancé/Husband:

I request permission for a leave of absence from the highest authority in my life for the following

Date: Time of departure: Time of return
NOT to exceed:
Should permission be granted, I do solemnly swear to only visit the locations stated below, at the stated times. I agree to refrain from hitting on or flirting with other women. I shall not even speak to another female, except as expressly permitted in writing below. I will not turn off my mobile after two pints, nor shall I consume above the allowed volume of alcohol without first phoning for a taxi AND calling you for a verbal waiver of said alcohol allowance. I understand that even if permission is granted to go out, my girlfriend/fiancé/wife retains the right to be pissed off with me the following week for no valid reason whatsoever.

Amount of alcohol allowed (units) Beer Wine Liquor Total:

Locations to be visited

Females with whom conversation
is permitted:

IMPORTANT – STRIPPER CLAUSE: Not withstanding the female contact permitted above,
I promise to refrain from coming within one hundred (100) feet of a stripper or exotic dancer. Violation of this Stripper Clause shall be grounds for immediate termination of the relationship.

I acknowledge my position in life. I know who wears the trousers in our relationship, and I agree
it’s not me. I promise to abide by your rules & regulations. I understand that this is going to cost me a fortune in chocolates & flowers. You reserve the right to obtain and use my credit cards whenever you wish to do so. I hereby promise to take you on an unlimited shopping spree, should I not return home by the approved time. On my way home, I will not pick a fight with any stranger, nor shall I conduct in depth discussions with the said entity. Upon my return home, I promise not to urinate anywhere other than in the toilet. In addition, I will refrain from waking you up, breathing my vile breath in your face, and attempting to breed like a (drunken) rabbit.

I declare that to the best of my knowledge (of which I have none compared to my BETTER half),
the above information is correct.

Signed - Boyfriend/Fiancé/Husband:


This decision is not negotiable. If approved, cut permission slip below and carry at all times.
…………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Permission for my boyfriend/fiancé/husband to be away for the following period of time:

Date: Time of departure: Time of return:

Signed – Girlfriend/Fiancé/Wife:


Mar 14, 2010

Kirfkirt finally HEADBANGS.

Kirfkirt alwayz been a metal lover.Though his cropped hairz don't support headbanging yet he does in secret session at his room.Hez taking special classes to master the art of headbanging n yeh growing his mane for that too.For people who don't know the meaning of "headbanging" refer to wikipedia guy.

For lazy people like me herez the link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Headbanging Njoy.
After a long gap Kirfkirt dude finally headbanged at a "spcl party cum competition" called "THE WAR OF BANDS" organised by the electrical people of NIT Raipur.
Kirfkirt was so much deeply involved into that session that he is still suffering from his neck ache ...ouch!!!!But Kirfkirt dude ain't stopping.
He finally came up wit his dklogy of headbanging.

Dklogy(s) of headbanging :

1.If u r suffering from neckache,headache etc do headbanging.See the miracle."Tested n guaranteed"

2.U don't know how to dance..no worries ..u bang ur head against any music(??).

3.U wanna show ur hairs off.... headbang.

4.U feel dull n frustrated.. headbang.

U r high...headbang.

6.Headbang during shampooing of ur hair....helps reaching the shampoo to every nook n corner of ur scalp.

Headbanging do sometimes bring back lost memories.Try it(might be helpful sometimes during ur exams).

8)Tell ur headbanger friend to bang his head beside you during summer.U can cut down the cost of a cooler.Cheerz.

9)Scientist should seriously think of harnessing the wind energy generated during headbanging into something innovative.

10)"I m the headbanging guru of NIT Raipur"-YoSudipto.

HEADBANG samples
Note:The actors/actresses acting in this clip are "normal human beings".

Feb 26, 2010

Save the tigers

"Kirfkirt dude do something to save us ; therez hardly 1411 of us left".

So herez 10 dklogy ways of increasing the population of tigers:

(wht Aam Aadmi can do)

1.PLz don't eat tigers anymore."Jo ho gaye so ho gaya".

2.Watch National Geography , Discovery ,Animal Planet n blah blah n be inspired.

3.Paint ur cat n make it look like a tiger.U just increased them to 1412.....

4.Tigers are harmless.Try to make friendship with them(seriously!!)

5.Flawlessly morph ur picture with a tiger n proudly hang it in ur room.People will be inspired.

6.Buy a tiger costume ; wear it wherever u go(atleast for a week).

7.Go to public toilets , canteens , hospitals ,train platforms etc n etc ; paste ur handmade poster of "save the tigers".Ahhh don't forget to write ur name over it along wit ur contact no.

8.If u have nothing to talk with ur gf/bf start conversing about saving the tiger.Therez nothing more romantic than that....believe me!!!

9.Indiaz population increasing rate is alarmingly high.I wonder why Indian tigers don't think like Indian junta.Itz time the tigers should stop taking birth control measures!!!!Aam aadmi can help them out.

10. Go to http://www.saveourtigers.com/n support them.


Feb 21, 2010

This ain't Sparta this is all abt "6 PACK ABS".

Kirfkirt says

"Prepare for Glory"

So Kirfkirt finally decided to have his six pack abs or may be 8 in future(depends...).

It all began when Kirfkirt was watching the movie "300" for the 300th time.He was so much impressed n engrossed by those "high contrast" six pack abs that he finally told his sixth sense about the spartan decision.

And hence Kirfkirt finally made his way to his coll gym...

Conversation between Kirfkirt n the Gym Instructor:

Gym Instructor
: Hey Kirfkirt u lost ur way today i guess!!.
Kirfkirt :( Shy mode ) I wanna have six pack abs like those spartans.
Gym instructor : Kya baat hai solve me ur riddle .

Kirfkirt : Yesterday I dreamt of ma own six pack abs after watching the movie "300 " for the 300th time.....hence...

Gym instructor: Btw U got a nice family pack!!!!

Kirfkirt :(shy mode turned on with extra effort to pump in his protuding belly)Yeh the hostel food became edible after I wrote abt it in ma blog (to know more read
Gym Instructor:I c ..So when r u going to start??

Kirfkirt: I guess from today...

Gym instructor: Fine u r on.....start from those dumbells lying out there....
1,2,3,.....aarrghh 4, 5....thump..

As u people are aware of ,"He-Man" is considered as the father of 6 pack abs by many wannabes.Everyone got inspired by him then.....which includes Hercules,Alexander-the great,Osama-bin-Laden(believe me),WWE wrestlers,Bollywood/Hollywood/Tollywood(wtever) actors and last but not the least our Kirfkirt too.

Some famous desi sayings on 6 pack abs:

"When you have it u flaunt it"-Sallu Bhai.
"Chance pe 8 abs ka dance "-Shahid.
"I too once had it"-Munnabhai.
"2 se 4,4 se 6, 4 se 6 , 6 se 8 , 8 se ....."-Kirfkirt dude.

"Ok fine the above picture is morphed;jst visualising ma upcoming avatar"

Below are the 10 reasons why u should be proud of your 6 pack abs:

1)OMG Dude you got 6 abs!!!!
2)You need not to worry abt any wardrobe malfunction.
2)No need to pump in ur belly when any gal approaches u."U save energy n u gain everything".
4)U can wear skinnyfit Tees.
5)Display ur 6 abs when sme1 challenges u to fight."Non-violence rules"
6)Click some pics n show them later to ur children n grandchild.U will be a proud pa n grandpa!!!!
7)Ur gf will be proud of U for sure.
8)Ur 6 pack can be on the front page with those Babalal-Ganjilal ad.
9)U hold a pretty good chance of acting in the sequel of the movie "300".
10)"Mere pass 6 abs hain".Case closed.

"Prepare for Glory; prepare for 6 pack abs"-Dklogy v4.1

Feb 18, 2010

Kirfkirt's Bhanja

Note:This space is entirely dedicated to ma little Bhanja "Rinov" due to his ever demanding shoutings;screamings;scratchings and punchings to be a part of ma blog.Btw hez 10 months old and I love him very much.
I alwayz love kids since I was a kid.

Reasons to love a kid:

a)You grow up and want to have kids.

b)They are innocent and pure.You are just the opposite...

c)They piss on your pant/shirt/hairs etc etc. (awesome feeling).

d)You were a kid once.

e)They make you feel like a kid(another awesome feeling).

f)They are uber cool..Case solved.

Conversation between a Bhanja:) n his Mama :( -

Hlow clome mlamla u are slo popular among the flemale society??

Ohh I write BLOG.

Cloool..I wlanna ble like U...Mlake me mlamla.

Then u have to grow up soon n start writing humourous BLOG like me.

Nlo mama....I dlon't like tlypng.U help mle out tlo ble popular amlong the slociety(he meant female society!!)PLz..Plz...

Ok Ok...fine.I will try my best.

I asked my Bhanja to give him his best pose infront of the lens.
He said "ok Mlamla" n took out his favourite disposable glass and Lo!! the result just infront of u-------->

Rinov became ma best buddy during ma recent vacation.We use to play his favourite game "The Supermano".

Defn of "The Supermano": A game played between 2 person viz an adult supports a kid to make him fly like superman.
"Involves high risk ; hence shouldn't be tried inside home ..try outside."
Rinov greatly enjoyed this game.His gigglings and cheers vanished all those worries of mine.I loved it too.

Rinov is ubercool.Shit I get jealous of him everytime.Oneday Rinov after pissing on my favourite "Pepe Jeans" Tee innocently whispered in ma ear "Dlhruv Mama..U r so cool ...wlhy dlon't u evel glet alngry ???" My anger vaporised in no moment...

But Rinov is imba adorable.I can already forecast him as the Desi "Nick Menza" from his drumming ability.He would beat anything until a clear sound vibrates his tiny ear drums(Ahh..his punches are real deal).
But I greatly adore this naughty creature.Love U boy.

Rare moments of the cutiest pie in the world.

Ahh..Rinov wantz everyone of you to comment about him.

Feb 11, 2010

The V-Resume.

Kindly Note: The resume hereforth is written entirely for fun purpose.Don't copy paste it while applying for ur job.Consequences wouldn't be shared.

I am very excited nowadays because I am getting many offer letters from girls all around the world to be their Valentine on this coming 14th Feb.The secret behind these lovely moments is my "Valentine Resume" which I posted in a secretly operated site.

"KIRFKIRT's Valentine Resume"

+919893451343 (ph)
Room No: 29, Hostel B (Chitrakot), 
National Institute of Technology, G.E Road
Raipur, Chhattisgarh 492010


A hardworking and innovative chemical engineering ( about to )graduate, 
looking for a dynamic and stable valentine for 14th Feb 2010.


  • Bachelor of Technology, Chemical Engineering, National Institute of Technology Raipur, Raipur, Chhattisgarh (July 2006 - May 2010)
    CPI (cumulative point index): 8.00(till 7th sem)


 Date of birth         :    14th Feb 1987.

STATUS                     :    Single(with experience).

EYES                    :   Hazel brown

hair                    :   black with no dandruff

HUmour               :   read ma blog .

height                 :   5'11''      

build                        :      mediumly built with invisible 6 abs.

best feature       :   my eyebrows(they ain't threaded)

TURN ONS             :   definitely a seducing female voice in a candle light environment.

TURN OFFS            :   girls with male voices.

1 ) Regular viewer of  "Dare to date" in Channel V.

 2) Done a 2 months crash course on dating under Sri Sri OshO PremAdhar.

EXPERIENCE       : 10 years.

Clubs and Organizations

1)  Member, Anti-RSS+MNS+Shivsena+Bajrang Dal+ SriRam Sena etz etc. association.(whatever...)
2) Student member of IISChE (Indian Institute of Single Chemical Engineers).


Would be available upon request.

Note: Plz I am still against the legalisation of section 377(IPC).
Interested girls can call or SMS me anytime before  14th Feb 2010.Kindly mail 2 passport size photographs viz one without makeup and other with makeup before calling or smsing up.

Jan 30, 2010

`ftw woodcutter

Yeh I admit I was out of ma "blogsvilla" for quite a long time.I can quote different reasons which never gonna sum up in such a limited space.2010 is sweet n my astrologer told me that therez going to be a sweet "big bang" in this year of ma life.I hope ma astrologer don't ditch me this time too.

I am reading a lot of inspirational books this season.While reading one such book I came across a very wonderful story--the story of Saif AK-the honest woodcutter.I know many of u have already digested it before.For people who don't know the story plz continue & people who already know it are requested to do a research on this wonderful woodcutter just like I did.

So the story goes in this way.A woodcutter name Saif AK went to the forest for cutting wood.While cutting suddenly his axe fell into a river nearby.He started weeping like a child.Deeply irritated "Jal Devta" emerged from the river in no time with a golden axe in his hand.He presented it to Saif AK.

But our Saif AK was honest;he refused it by saying it was not his axe.THen came silver and bronze axes too but our Saif AK refused those by saying those were not his.
Finally "Jal-Devta" emerged with Saif AK's original axe and presented him.Saif took it whole-heartedly.Impressed by his honesty Jal-Devta rewarded our Saif with the remaining 3 axes.

Back home Saif's wife Rosa was very pleased when she saw all those glitters.She wanted to meet the "Jal-Devta".Next day the woodcutter took her along with him to the forest.While peeping into the water Rosa fell into it.The woodcutter started weeping.
Irritated again Jal-Devta appeared in no-time.Saif told him about the incident.
Jal-Devta tok a plunge into the river and came back with imba hot size 0 Kareena K and asked the woodcutter "Is this your wife??"

 The woodcutter in fraction of a millisecond answered thousand yeses.
Jal-Devta was astonised.He asked Saif ,"you used to be very honest earlier,but how come this dishonesty now?"
Saif joining his hands replied,"O God! Had I refused this hot siren to be my wife you would have emerged with Katrina K,Bipasha B.And after all my negative replies you would have brought my wife; I definately would have said yes to it then you would have rewarded me all the three and I would been in great trouble.
So, I said 'yes' in the very first time."

~ftw Saif AK.

Note:Saif AK got Padmashree this year.