Feb 21, 2010

This ain't Sparta this is all abt "6 PACK ABS".

Kirfkirt says

"Prepare for Glory"

So Kirfkirt finally decided to have his six pack abs or may be 8 in future(depends...).

It all began when Kirfkirt was watching the movie "300" for the 300th time.He was so much impressed n engrossed by those "high contrast" six pack abs that he finally told his sixth sense about the spartan decision.

And hence Kirfkirt finally made his way to his coll gym...

Conversation between Kirfkirt n the Gym Instructor:

Gym Instructor
: Hey Kirfkirt u lost ur way today i guess!!.
Kirfkirt :( Shy mode ) I wanna have six pack abs like those spartans.
Gym instructor : Kya baat hai solve me ur riddle .

Kirfkirt : Yesterday I dreamt of ma own six pack abs after watching the movie "300 " for the 300th time.....hence...

Gym instructor: Btw U got a nice family pack!!!!

Kirfkirt :(shy mode turned on with extra effort to pump in his protuding belly)Yeh the hostel food became edible after I wrote abt it in ma blog (to know more read
Gym Instructor:I c ..So when r u going to start??

Kirfkirt: I guess from today...

Gym instructor: Fine u r on.....start from those dumbells lying out there....
1,2,3,.....aarrghh 4, 5....thump..

As u people are aware of ,"He-Man" is considered as the father of 6 pack abs by many wannabes.Everyone got inspired by him then.....which includes Hercules,Alexander-the great,Osama-bin-Laden(believe me),WWE wrestlers,Bollywood/Hollywood/Tollywood(wtever) actors and last but not the least our Kirfkirt too.

Some famous desi sayings on 6 pack abs:

"When you have it u flaunt it"-Sallu Bhai.
"Chance pe 8 abs ka dance "-Shahid.
"I too once had it"-Munnabhai.
"2 se 4,4 se 6, 4 se 6 , 6 se 8 , 8 se ....."-Kirfkirt dude.

"Ok fine the above picture is morphed;jst visualising ma upcoming avatar"

Below are the 10 reasons why u should be proud of your 6 pack abs:

1)OMG Dude you got 6 abs!!!!
2)You need not to worry abt any wardrobe malfunction.
2)No need to pump in ur belly when any gal approaches u."U save energy n u gain everything".
4)U can wear skinnyfit Tees.
5)Display ur 6 abs when sme1 challenges u to fight."Non-violence rules"
6)Click some pics n show them later to ur children n grandchild.U will be a proud pa n grandpa!!!!
7)Ur gf will be proud of U for sure.
8)Ur 6 pack can be on the front page with those Babalal-Ganjilal ad.
9)U hold a pretty good chance of acting in the sequel of the movie "300".
10)"Mere pass 6 abs hain".Case closed.

"Prepare for Glory; prepare for 6 pack abs"-Dklogy v4.1


Vishnu said...

nice desi sayings...

Dhruv said...

Vishnu dude....ur 6 packs are ma inspiration.Newayz ty.