Dec 14, 2009

MESS in Mess.

Recently one of my friend called me up after 22 years ..yes 22 years and in the process of discussion told me towrite something about about our hostel food in ma blog.
I thought for a moment....
Do my hostel food really deserve a place in ma blog???
So I called up a general mess meeting and we had a spontaneous discussion of 47 n half hours..
Everybody spoke; had one or two brawls in between among infinite number of verbal fights. Ultimately all came up with somewhat innovative and highly IgNobel idea.
"Dhruv will write something about the food of hostel B of NIT Raipur"...all the apes sang in a monotonous voice.
I m fcked.
I had no clue what I would have come up with but I certainly tried my best to squeeze out the potential juice of the mess.

Hostel food is very exotic n precious.Every single hosteller will hate to ignore this fact.
Here in our hostel(Hostel B of NIT Raipur) you can find the most exotic dishes ever made from chicken-paneer to pani-daal to deep fry male chicken testicles.

NOTE:Pani-daal or water-daal is a highly demanded form of daal where the major content of the mixture is water.Water content may range from 90-95 % by weight.Paani-dal is a fav among girls to curb down their protein intake.Male chicken testicles are only for the lucky guys .

Rotis made here are imported from some place over Bermuda triangle n they resemble just like the Dalmation puppies pressed to somewhat approximately spherical shape.

Sabzis over here are either zero oil or 110% oily(depends),free of salt n turmeric with fresh sprinkles of hairs of the mess workers.Rice is as usual white in colour with fresh aroma of "raw fish dipped in a patch of cat shit".
Daal is free of daal as I said before.I once heard that our mess chef(s) were once invited to Tarla Dalaal's show to show their exquisitiveness but they turned her down due to their busy schedule.
Rumours are there that the sabzis were fried in wasted motor oils,turmeric+brick powder(50%+50%)and the cheapest non-iodised salt available in order to cut down the cost and increase the flavour during the recession period.Hopefully the recession dawned n we are saved.
The video shown down here reflects everything.

VENUE: Mess Hall, Hostel B.NIT Raipur.
TIMING: around 20:35:22:12.
DATE : Today.

Disclaimer:Every single details and facts discussed are highly non-serious and the blogger here won't be responsible for any reader's suicide reason or likewise.Actual facts and figures are not disclosed over here for security reasons.

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