Dec 1, 2009

Itz back

Nudity is a KALA(an art)-Dklogy v 3.1

The other day as I happen to read the local morning newspaper neatly pressed under the ass of one of the  hostel inmates , I came upon a picture of an old man completely NAKED in the front page who happened to visit Raipur to enlighten his devotees.Not even a single thread over his shiny skin he wore a smile surrounded by his so called fans .As per ma research he is the the first Digambar saint(revolutionary saint) in the Jain community and is a person wit great personality and humour.It is said that he talks and talks so fluently that the listeners listen through their life or soul by forgetting their breath .If you r really interested to know more about him u can follow the link

His aim is to spread the philosophy of Lord Mahavira "Live and Let Live" and he choose to do it in his own style i.e being NAKED.Now what concerns me is that what is actually NUDITY??? Showing ur genitals is wht we use to call NUDITY in broad sense...It ranges from society to society , from region to region.Burqa, sari n 2 pieces are its different levels of nudity for women .For men we just need to cover the 15 cm area(flexible) below the waist(in broad sense).But if the human kind just fails to cover up the secret (conventional) areas , then they can be termed as NUDE.Shivsenas,MNS ,RSS and the various moral bodyguards may have different e-versions of defining NUDITY but I am not going into that discussion(I wanna live).


When God created Adam n Eve they obviously were naked coz first there were no textile factories at that time and second they didn't know that they have to cover some area over their body.With time passes by Adam felt his libido rising but as there were no condoms available at that time ultimately Eve ended up getting impregnated.Their generations (they fucked their own sisters and brothers SHIT and HAIL...we all are from the same family Bro) were too NAKED at some point.Ultimately one day a guy felt that it generally hurts much more in the genitals rather than other parts of the body so he decided to cover it with a maple leaf initialy.Sayings were there that covering of genitals came into existence when a guy name Emporia Armani Sr felt that his genitals were unexceptionally small and he need to cover it for the sake of his IZZAT n thus came into the end of NUDISM.Emporia Armani Sr  become the trend setter and was the saviour of mankind.ThankU Armani.
But NUDISM is back again.Pamela Anderson,Aghori Baba,PETA campaigners ....the list goes on. see that pic on top right too..


Vishnu said...

when did such an idiot come to raipur??

actually i have a differebt version.. u see.. the first male and female were roaming naked happily.. one day a mosquito bit the man in his private part.. as u said the pain was excruciating.. so he covered his part with a maple leaf.. seeing this.. ego flamed upon the women.. she too covered her private part.. but her very nature to surpass what man has done made her to cover her breasts too.. so it was all due to the first stupid women that all men are suffering..

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Vishnu said...

@the person who deleted the comment..

am not into religious stuff.. i dont give a damn if he gives a good message or a bad messsage.. goin naked in public is an offence n it applies to all..