Dec 16, 2009

LILY plz don't be SILLY

Itz campus season at every engineering college.

Campus season:A season in engineering college where students wear their fresh new formal suits ranging from Raymonds to Ganjilal Babalal brands and tries their best to outsmart their counterparts infront of the company representatives.THe season may range from 1 day -12 months.Liquor shop's sales rise significantly during campus season.

Wait I am still unemployed.But I am confident that someday someone will realise my inner potential and say "You are the one whom we wanted".
So I made my nine-month planning of my salary inorder to minimize the risk of any financial leakage.

For people who are too lazy to move their head towards their computer screen by a few inches here is wht I have planned of my salary:

In Indian Rupees ------------------- for

6000 --------------------------------------Fooding and lodging.<----->*;
2000 --------------------------------------Beer. 
5000 --------------------------------------Girlfriend.
5000---------------------------------------Savings. < ----------------->*;
5000---------------------------------------Petrol+Mobile Bills+clothes.

I know I know u people have a lot to suggest.Thatz why the comment tag is below.I will be looking forward to it.
Newayz I made this plan and sticked to my homemade-noticeboard(in pic).I get a very persuasive energy to study every time I see it.Not only me other inmates of ma hostel use to visit evry now and then to have a "DARSHAN" of ma noticeboard.
So I discussed my nine-month plan(don't misinterpret with the other) with Lily.
Who is Lily??????
Well Lily is ma evergreen girlfriend for the last 23 years.She was born just a day after me.We were born in the same nursing cabin.I still remember my second day in ma world.I was crying because I thought it was cool.Crying and crying as I tilted my head towards my right I saw this beautiful princess smiling at me.It was love at first sight.I never cried after that.
Soon Lily and me were in love.We had dreamed;we had ambitions;we had wonderful moments which wouldn't be disclosed over here...

So I told her about my Dklogy of my salary.After hearing she was furious.I imagined her face.SHe may be looking so much pretty by now.
"How can u spend only a meagre 5000 to your girlfriend??A Victoria-secret dress cost a minimum around 4000.What about our monthly dream date at any 5 star hotel.U haven't included the cost of flowers and chocolates which u will be gifting me everyday..Blah Blah Blah....Dhruv U are such a liar.I will never talk to you.I felt pity..on her as well as on me. phone was disconnected.I tried to call answer.
I quickly booked my tickets to my hometown(Lily's hometown as well).Thankz Indian govt railway for providing online booking.
So I m leaving for my home tonight.I know I can handle her.Girls love pampering.

NOTE: Happy Christmas and happy New Year to all of you.
For my batchies Happy Campusing.Hope the liquor sale will cross its all time record.

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