Jan 30, 2010

`ftw woodcutter

Yeh I admit I was out of ma "blogsvilla" for quite a long time.I can quote different reasons which never gonna sum up in such a limited space.2010 is sweet n my astrologer told me that therez going to be a sweet "big bang" in this year of ma life.I hope ma astrologer don't ditch me this time too.

I am reading a lot of inspirational books this season.While reading one such book I came across a very wonderful story--the story of Saif AK-the honest woodcutter.I know many of u have already digested it before.For people who don't know the story plz continue & people who already know it are requested to do a research on this wonderful woodcutter just like I did.

So the story goes in this way.A woodcutter name Saif AK went to the forest for cutting wood.While cutting suddenly his axe fell into a river nearby.He started weeping like a child.Deeply irritated "Jal Devta" emerged from the river in no time with a golden axe in his hand.He presented it to Saif AK.

But our Saif AK was honest;he refused it by saying it was not his axe.THen came silver and bronze axes too but our Saif AK refused those by saying those were not his.
Finally "Jal-Devta" emerged with Saif AK's original axe and presented him.Saif took it whole-heartedly.Impressed by his honesty Jal-Devta rewarded our Saif with the remaining 3 axes.

Back home Saif's wife Rosa was very pleased when she saw all those glitters.She wanted to meet the "Jal-Devta".Next day the woodcutter took her along with him to the forest.While peeping into the water Rosa fell into it.The woodcutter started weeping.
Irritated again Jal-Devta appeared in no-time.Saif told him about the incident.
Jal-Devta tok a plunge into the river and came back with imba hot size 0 Kareena K and asked the woodcutter "Is this your wife??"

 The woodcutter in fraction of a millisecond answered thousand yeses.
Jal-Devta was astonised.He asked Saif ,"you used to be very honest earlier,but how come this dishonesty now?"
Saif joining his hands replied,"O God! Had I refused this hot siren to be my wife you would have emerged with Katrina K,Bipasha B.And after all my negative replies you would have brought my wife; I definately would have said yes to it then you would have rewarded me all the three and I would been in great trouble.
So, I said 'yes' in the very first time."

~ftw Saif AK.

Note:Saif AK got Padmashree this year.


Anonymous said...

Genial dispatch and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you seeking your information.

Dhruv said...

Hail Oo Anonymous....today I m immensely happy that hic...that ma blog post hic..contributed to the welfare of an human being..hic.
Alwayz feel free to consult ma blog in times of an "assignment-distress"...