Aug 19, 2011

Rusty Thoughts

Yeh I am on a freaking writing streak.No I am not high.Sometimes sleep just disowns you and you are left with a wondering mind , a philosophical mind in my case who ponders over every possible heartbreaks and accolades ; every happiness and sorrow you have gone through in your life.Its spiral and addictive.U think more about your mind like you are typing "google" in google and searching for the answers.So pretty abstruse and abortive , I still love to be philosophical at times.

You turn on John Mayer and the memories come alive in flashes.Ohh the first day in nursery..I was so nervous and cried my heart out.I still remember how tightly my little fingers grabbed Dad's arm, tiny droplet of tears wetting his cream cotton shirt,screaming my herat out when the class teacher forced me to sit inside the class.All my watery eyes asked "Don't leave me Dad".It was intense.

Emotions matured but feelings didn't.

First crush,first fight,first on stage performance.....the confidence amidst so much justifies itself.
I still remember my first proposal.It was kinda funny.So at that time(class 6 or 7) I categorized myself among those guys who just chickened out when it comes in terms of talking to "girl" species.First crush is always special.Your heart just throbs unexpectedly when you see her approaching with her friends,giggling and having occasional glances at you.Special , really special.Your world is full of colours.And you know that is LOVE.Life just happen to move at slow pace at that moment...yeh yeh movies sometimes showcases reality.U think of thousands of reason to impress her up.U make up your hair every minute, probably wetting it to look shiny and "sexy".Well I still look sexy when I wet my hair:P.So I finally garnered some courage and asked my batchmate(who was a girl) to propose my crush on my behalf.FYI my first crush was my junior.THe deal was done.I was excited.The verdict came.She "LIKES" me.
She never spoke ; neither do I...but our eyes did occasionally.CASE CLOSED.
Crushes came and gone.Disappointments and appointments sailed parallaly .

Aspirations and goals mushroomed around the corner.A professional cyber-gamer,wannabe chess player, professional blogger,self-proclaimed singer cum musician.....ended up being a chemical engineer.Who knows someday I might end up sharing my lunch with Bill Gates....Dream boy dream ...It don't cost you anything.Even Abdul Kalam told me that when I met him during the special event.It was special.Life is special.

Damn!its 5 am.... Chirping and tweeting broke the sweet silence ...A new day, new hope , a new beginning.

-Kirfkirt DUde.

This song kinda embedded in my mind these days...

Mr X.

Hail Oo MrX.
Hope you are doing well.I thought of dropping you a certification of hatred which should  make you realize how lousy and crappy you have been all your life.
Incase you don’t remember me you are  ma alter-ego who has  been the part of me ever since I succeeded in making ma way to the ovum out of thousands of other competitors.Long run huh‼
I named you Mr X  because behind every successful story of it therez always happen to be a huge "don't do it" symbol i.e (X)blinking right infront of me just before the event.
Itz was you who made me to fart so loudly in the ma kindergarden class that the teacher almost had a nervous breakdown.Because of you I fall in love with the big fat girl in ma primary class who was twice my size.It was you  who always provoked  me to watch the ‘Shasha Grey’ Stuff whenever I was alone .I really hate you for this.Why did you explain to  me the importance of alcohol and grass in life? They now refuse to leave me.Who taught me to copy in the exams.??It was you Mr X.Why on earth did you give  me the craziest idea to pee infront of the director's mam house in ma college.I wetted ma pants for 3 continous days thereafter.
I know you were a great flirter.Hope you are on right track right now.I cannot forget the  occasions where  I  got a red eye or sometimes a beautiful reddish five finger marker as a gift from the other end.Why on earth do you have to molest RAkhi S.??
Hey Mr X how is  your adventure mania??Do you still  travel without ticket in trains and buses and  drive at 120 km/hr in intoxicated state at night??
I know you loved  brawls and you have been the part of many  during your college and school days.I still remember the day when Kanthama’s brother’s gang gheroed me up near the college canteen.And you were laughing out loud when I was  crying and begging infront of Kanthama.Man I hate you so terribly.
Didn't you try to bribe everyone when you wan the things to work out "smoothly".....Rs 100/ - to the TT for guaranteeing you a berth; ohh what about the sliping in 100 bucks to the pocket of the traffic prolice when he caught you without bike papers  and driving license??
You always boasted yourself to be a great experimentor and researcher.How True‼!
Apart from developing new slangs and swearings I heard that you  were also doing some research on the “post-effects of slangs and abuses on pregnant women”.Quite challenging task huh‼!Two days back I came to know that till date no pregnant woman agreed to be the part of your research project. Happy Hunting dude‼
Ahh I just got a notification update on my Adult friend finder profile…

With Hatred ,
Your’s Kirfkirt dude.