Apr 28, 2010

Megan Fox- I will miss U.

Prenote : If you arrived here with the intention of satisfying your kinky desires then better press ALT+F4. Still if you are trying to sneek in then I can't help you.Go ahead.

fig(i) She is not Megan Fox

Last few days I have been going through experiencing lots of "engineereed emotions" of life.My last few days in engineering and I am not happy.Rather I have been passing my time rejoicing at those beautiful moments which made my life so worthy.
I gonna miss so many things, so many fun.

Those xerox copies and one night stand studies before the D day.

Those Tapri(s) where we got the bliss after an overnight session of Counter-strike .

Those "Bars" n "Dhabas" where we realised the meaning of "true friendship".

Those readymade formulae on the back of my admit card.

Those Submission of readymade answersheets during unit tests.

My departments unique teachers and their mimicries by my batchies.

Those cricket matches in the mess where rather than watching the TV , slangs n swearing made no less than a fish market.

Those nude shows and modelling in the bathroom.

Those gully cricket matches inside the hostel.

But the most important I m gonna miss ma dear Megan Fox- ma pillow.

Megan Fox have been with me thick and thin for the last 4 years.I have been sleeping with her and she is responsible for all my brainy ideas.She is very loyal to me and I am more than ever loyal to her.I never washed her nor allowed anyone to wash her.I use to give that "Sreesanth look" whenever someone tried to sleep with her. But things soon gonna change becoz I have to leave her as those rotten cotton inside the brownish reddish blackish cloth signified the "over-used period" and secondly my hostel life is coming to its end.

fig (ii) Real Megan Fox

(the picture is intentionally edited by the author to hide its true colour.)

Why "Megan Fox" is so much special to me:

She acted as my thinking cap.

She supported me during those late ethanol-induced nights.

She acted as my shield sometimes!!!

She lap-danced during those movie sessions.

Shez been a part of ma many ADVENTURous trip.

Most importantly I liked the way she seduced me to sleep.

Now situations move as per the tick-tocki.Lemme enjoy my last few days with my beautiful Megan Fox.Time to sleep guyz.Good night.

Hope I get an even better Megan Fox in Pune!!!!

Apr 19, 2010

FAIR Deal!!

Kirfkirt dude's 16 year old cousin is very confused nowadays.

: She is not able to choose the right soap-bar for her.

So I made a quick survey with this Google guy which is the best soap for any gal/boy this days.
I opted out with the following conclusion "ALL SUCKS!!".

But on its way to bar-enlightenment Kirfkirt dude discovered many depressing facts.


Slithering around in the queen size bathtub with rose petals strewn all over she delicately rubbed her back and armpits.
Camera 1 focussed on her face.

CAmera 2 focussed on her back.

Camera 3 focussed from the top angle !!!

Kirfkirt dude got inspired .He instantly brought that product.
After 2 weeks of struggle Kirfkirt dude ended with
"This SUCKS!!!".

The actress got rich by millions.
My skin rather got more roughed.


Who is that dude??

OMG he is surrounded by 4 beautiful ladies while bathing.I got motivated.Itz ma dream comon!!!!

Catchy n inspiring I left no stone unturned
while using this product.
Infact I bathed twice,
sometimes thrice a day to make ma dream come true.

Result: "Not even a single gal appreciated ma beauty."

The actor got rich by millions.

My skin got more roughed.

After 1 month of extensive research I called up my cousin to give my final verdict.
She was anxious!!

All are fake.U better drink 2 gallons of water regularly n spread loads of good thoughts .Scientifically proven it helps glowing up your skin.

Damn I still can't forget the top angle scene!!!

"Btw which soap do you use??"

Apr 16, 2010

Kirfkirt Dudez Interview Tips!!

Have you ever played the musical chair game?? I bet u certainly do!!!
Kirfkirt dude loves playing the musical chair game.
Every guy has to play the musical chair game once in his lifetime.

Kirfkirt dude played 3 rounds of the game viz with IOCL , with TATA Steel n once with GGL until those TACO guys lifted Kirfkirt dude into one of the chairs.

So after Kirfkirt dude finally won a round of the musical chair game, he decided to write a book on "How to crack interview in 5 mins : a Dklogy approach to a successfull career".But no publisher melted out his request..
But Kirfkirt dude didn't loose his heart.The trail copy is out over here.
U guys are lucky!!!Njoy.

Tip No 1: Never so "NO" to ur girl-friend/boyfriend.

My GD topic was "Wht lessons have you learnt from the movie 3 idiots??"
My memories flew back to that day when one of my Gfs forced me to watch "3 idiots" along with her at the 1st day 1st show."I hate Bollywood but I love Rakhi!!!"
Had ma reply been negative to ma GF , I wouldn't have learnt anything from those "3 idiots".

Tip No 2 : Don't be a playboy.

Interviewer :How many girlfriends do u have dude??
Kirfkirt : Only one Sir.
Interviewer : Don't lie.
Kirfkirt : Sir I am committed to only one.(accept it!!)
Interviewer : Dude you are too young and handsome to be committed.
Kirfkirt : Sir Commitment don't come up with age or looks rather every work you do should be done with full commintment.


Moral: Commitment sucks.

Tip No 3: Mind your words!!Anna RascallA!!

Interviewer :Wht you want to do after coming to the company??
Kirfkirt : Sir I want to see maself promoted with years to come.
(No Sir I was not planning to replace you)
The guy then screwed me up like anything and I was at the recipient end of his counterkicks, side-kicks, face punches ,dropkicks etc.
Result : I survived the stress interview with some bruises n cuts .

Tip No 4 : Buy a mirror (6 ft* 4 ft)

Buy a big size mirror(size specified above) and rather than appreciating your looks do talk to your image about anything.
Will at times feel like a pycho but itz worth it.You will be the source of inspiration for yourself!!!

Tip No 5 : Be yourself.

There are 2 kinds of people in this world viz one is you and the other is the rest.
Baki "Aaall izz Well".

The below video can be a source of inspiration too(Impossible is Nothing)