Apr 16, 2010

Kirfkirt Dudez Interview Tips!!

Have you ever played the musical chair game?? I bet u certainly do!!!
Kirfkirt dude loves playing the musical chair game.
Every guy has to play the musical chair game once in his lifetime.

Kirfkirt dude played 3 rounds of the game viz with IOCL , with TATA Steel n once with GGL until those TACO guys lifted Kirfkirt dude into one of the chairs.

So after Kirfkirt dude finally won a round of the musical chair game, he decided to write a book on "How to crack interview in 5 mins : a Dklogy approach to a successfull career".But no publisher melted out his request..
But Kirfkirt dude didn't loose his heart.The trail copy is out over here.
U guys are lucky!!!Njoy.

Tip No 1: Never so "NO" to ur girl-friend/boyfriend.

My GD topic was "Wht lessons have you learnt from the movie 3 idiots??"
My memories flew back to that day when one of my Gfs forced me to watch "3 idiots" along with her at the 1st day 1st show."I hate Bollywood but I love Rakhi!!!"
Had ma reply been negative to ma GF , I wouldn't have learnt anything from those "3 idiots".

Tip No 2 : Don't be a playboy.

Interviewer :How many girlfriends do u have dude??
Kirfkirt : Only one Sir.
Interviewer : Don't lie.
Kirfkirt : Sir I am committed to only one.(accept it!!)
Interviewer : Dude you are too young and handsome to be committed.
Kirfkirt : Sir Commitment don't come up with age or looks rather every work you do should be done with full commintment.


Moral: Commitment sucks.

Tip No 3: Mind your words!!Anna RascallA!!

Interviewer :Wht you want to do after coming to the company??
Kirfkirt : Sir I want to see maself promoted with years to come.
(No Sir I was not planning to replace you)
The guy then screwed me up like anything and I was at the recipient end of his counterkicks, side-kicks, face punches ,dropkicks etc.
Result : I survived the stress interview with some bruises n cuts .

Tip No 4 : Buy a mirror (6 ft* 4 ft)

Buy a big size mirror(size specified above) and rather than appreciating your looks do talk to your image about anything.
Will at times feel like a pycho but itz worth it.You will be the source of inspiration for yourself!!!

Tip No 5 : Be yourself.

There are 2 kinds of people in this world viz one is you and the other is the rest.
Baki "Aaall izz Well".

The below video can be a source of inspiration too(Impossible is Nothing)


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