Apr 19, 2010

FAIR Deal!!

Kirfkirt dude's 16 year old cousin is very confused nowadays.

: She is not able to choose the right soap-bar for her.

So I made a quick survey with this Google guy which is the best soap for any gal/boy this days.
I opted out with the following conclusion "ALL SUCKS!!".

But on its way to bar-enlightenment Kirfkirt dude discovered many depressing facts.


Slithering around in the queen size bathtub with rose petals strewn all over she delicately rubbed her back and armpits.
Camera 1 focussed on her face.

CAmera 2 focussed on her back.

Camera 3 focussed from the top angle !!!

Kirfkirt dude got inspired .He instantly brought that product.
After 2 weeks of struggle Kirfkirt dude ended with
"This SUCKS!!!".

The actress got rich by millions.
My skin rather got more roughed.


Who is that dude??

OMG he is surrounded by 4 beautiful ladies while bathing.I got motivated.Itz ma dream comon!!!!

Catchy n inspiring I left no stone unturned
while using this product.
Infact I bathed twice,
sometimes thrice a day to make ma dream come true.

Result: "Not even a single gal appreciated ma beauty."

The actor got rich by millions.

My skin got more roughed.

After 1 month of extensive research I called up my cousin to give my final verdict.
She was anxious!!

All are fake.U better drink 2 gallons of water regularly n spread loads of good thoughts .Scientifically proven it helps glowing up your skin.

Damn I still can't forget the top angle scene!!!

"Btw which soap do you use??"


Protim said...

i do lyk d top angle scene eeeeeeeeeeeew

Dhruv said...

No wonder Boys do suffer from "the topangle-mania"