Mar 25, 2010

Rakhi Sawant..continued....

There are 2 kinds of people in this world viz follower n leader-Dklogy v2.9.

"Rakhi Sawant is the leader & kirfkirt dude is her follower."Cheerz.

So "Rakhi" finally emerged in ma room from nowhere.My happiness knew no bounds when I saw her becoz ma papers are approaching and I needed "inspiration".

To know more abt Rakhi do read

Rakhiz comeback to ma room is fashionably similar to Tiger Woods comeback to the beautiful golf game.Rakhi was fresh and vibrant ; her trademark shrieked ain't changed.

So I was constantly gazing at Rakhi but she was ...she was constantly gazing at another lizard
(cluelessly male!!) who was then constantly gazing at a fly/mosquito(whtever).I guess I got a newcomer ..Rakhiz BF.

I deviated ma vision from Rakhi to her BF(letz say Eleesh P.)He waited n striked at the right moment .No he didn't gulped it....Eleesh approached Rakhi while the dim florescent light glowed in the background..a perfect micro romantic scene.
Eleesh sang

"Rakhi u r more beautiful than the red florescent light

plz accept tis token of love n gulp it in 1 bite."

Eleesh flipped out the half-dead mosquito .Rakhi was blushing ...

(Gals look more beautiful when they blush)
she gulped "the token of love" in one go.

"Love is in the air".


raman said...

Eleesh??!!!! missing fish hmm..loved the way u ended it "Love is in the air" (pun intended).

Dhruv said...

Ahh..Thankz Raman.I alwayz loved to read ur feedback.

Protim said...

so 1st proposal 2 rakhi!!!!!!!!!!!let's see

hues said...

read it just now... din have net connection thats why... its fab... cant stop laughin... u do write well.. hats off... happy writing...:)

Dhruv said...

Rakhi broke up many times with me.She lovez it.
Better late than never.Rakhi continued becoz of you..hehe.
Newayz Thankz.Keep reading.