Mar 14, 2010

Kirfkirt finally HEADBANGS.

Kirfkirt alwayz been a metal lover.Though his cropped hairz don't support headbanging yet he does in secret session at his room.Hez taking special classes to master the art of headbanging n yeh growing his mane for that too.For people who don't know the meaning of "headbanging" refer to wikipedia guy.

For lazy people like me herez the link Njoy.
After a long gap Kirfkirt dude finally headbanged at a "spcl party cum competition" called "THE WAR OF BANDS" organised by the electrical people of NIT Raipur.
Kirfkirt was so much deeply involved into that session that he is still suffering from his neck ache ...ouch!!!!But Kirfkirt dude ain't stopping.
He finally came up wit his dklogy of headbanging.

Dklogy(s) of headbanging :

1.If u r suffering from neckache,headache etc do headbanging.See the miracle."Tested n guaranteed"

2.U don't know how to worries ..u bang ur head against any music(??).

3.U wanna show ur hairs off.... headbang.

4.U feel dull n frustrated.. headbang.

U r high...headbang.

6.Headbang during shampooing of ur hair....helps reaching the shampoo to every nook n corner of ur scalp.

Headbanging do sometimes bring back lost memories.Try it(might be helpful sometimes during ur exams).

8)Tell ur headbanger friend to bang his head beside you during summer.U can cut down the cost of a cooler.Cheerz.

9)Scientist should seriously think of harnessing the wind energy generated during headbanging into something innovative.

10)"I m the headbanging guru of NIT Raipur"-YoSudipto.

HEADBANG samples
Note:The actors/actresses acting in this clip are "normal human beings".


Sonal said...

it was fun.... headbanging kewl... njoy... happy hair time...:P

sonal said...
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Dhruv said...

Hey Thnkz Sonal...will surely keep ur "Rakhi Sawant thing" in mind.