Nov 16, 2009


Well this topic ain't about the historic Rakhi Sawant or her highly popular dramabazies.Itz about my friend ,philosopher and guide Rakhi Sawant the lizard who stays in Hostel-B,roomno 29 of NIT raipur.Well why did I name her Rakhi Sawant wouldn't be disclosed over here but I thing u people should learn abt Rakhi sawant is that "U may hate her but u can't ignore her".The same applies here with my lizard "Rakhi Sawant".
Rakhi Sawantz dominant area is one meter radii around the fluorescent tube of roomno29 of hostel B.she sleeps , she shits ,she sings in her marked-up area.She fears nobody, she waits and waits ..steadily for her victim.No pressure,no fear in her eyes shez focussed towards her goal.All her senses are activated.A foolish fly flies in towards the light thinking of finding her perfect match near the fluorescent no time our Rakhi clears it.She slips out her twisty tongue to get some fresh air.
Shez waiting again,still focussed ,no pressure , no fear.
As I mentioned before she sleeps,she shits, she sings in her marked area.That "marked area is" 7 feet above my bed.

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raman said...

u r right! 'i can nvr ignore THEM(Rakhi n her species!)..hope she's doin fine..waise wud u b able to recognise if she is replaced?!! i mean, are u sure, she's the same evr since u saw her the first time? :D