Nov 27, 2009

From DKlogy pages.

Well seriously I have to admit that...yeh I can't talk with girls over cell for long.Dude I don't know whether u got that gift(talking to gals in phone) embedded in ur brain by God when u were in the womb but I totally am a big time sucker.But m improving ..thatz a good sign.
From ma experience and research I came up to the conclusion that there are basically 3 types of gals in this world viz.
1.Girls with small O.
2.Girls with average O.
3 Girls with big O.

Girls with small O: They are true woman.Gals with small O are interestingly interesting.They handle it so well ..yeh that conversation.You talk with her for hour(s) without actually knowing wht u r talking or wht should be ur nxt topic.Itz instant ..therez no pause ,no cheap talks,no dull story... no nothing..
just the process is continous until u realised that u had the best cellorgsm in ur life.

Girls with average O: They are like Kozeny-Karman equation or in other terms the state transport buses. Pause and go ,pause n go syndrome..yeh exactly U talk n talk,pause for a while to pick up a topic which u think will b cool .The same applies both sides...Man no surprise from ma research 77.865% pairs suffer from this "syndrome".Gals who got an average O should start seriously taking vodka to improve their skills or else google "How to talk to a guy on the phone".It got
196,000,000 results.cheerz.

Girls with big O: Man they are the most dumb people on earth.I totally feel a loser when I find no topics to discuss..but atleast I expect her to pick something which can nurture the process but no mayb shez thinkin the same abt me.Man thatz tough ...Either u talk or u switch off ur cell.Recently I called up this big O type gal ..after some initial Hi-Hello seconds shez numb ,may be shez totally engrossed in her mehendi upgradation.After 2 such silent mins I felt that shez may be busy with again she startz in an uber uninteresting voice abt an uber unintersting girlish topic.I blahed blahed n then again paused for 4 mins ...The whole situation now turns gloomy and dull n it goes on.Man I am such a sucker.Got no advice for Big O type gals wht u are .Boyz will call u only once.Peace.


raman said...

ha ha ha..gud job lad! tht ws quite a speculation of our species..glad, u care to differentiate pealrs frm the 'pile of beans'!

honestly, i cant help beat the goosebumps while i try to speculate or rather substantiate my standing in your miscellany about US!

Vishnu said...

lol.. interesting.. dont worry.. even i suffer from the same syndrome.. my theory was not random topics.. but live commentary of wats goin on there.. all the small o type girls can be commentators.. its time that they realise this talent of theirs..