Dec 6, 2009

Hic*-only for BEER lovers.

           Ok everyone loves drinking whether it be water,a cough syrup,tea or beer.Well people drink water becoz they  don't have any allergy to water,they drink tea because it contain so called anti-ageing agents ,they drink cough syrup because itz sweet n most importantly people (love to) drink BEER because it gives them those supermanz supernatural powers.
Drinking habit ain't gender biased nor aged-biased.But itz certainly a situation biased.U feel happy-u drink;u feel sad-u drink;u feel nothing-u drink too.
From my surveys I found out that beer  fans can be sorted out in the following descending order of species:
Committedpeople>Profesionals>Happy single dude>nursery babies.

Every single person got reasons to drink/offer beer but the most important of all is being happily operated by ugly aunts to get laid with handsome dude like us;some drink to puke while some drink to realise the importance of his/her life.

Why I love to drink BEER can be summarized from the few astonishing facts given below:

1.PLAY like a PRO:

After three 650 ml of Kingfisher strong(8% w/w alcohol),u actually become a true pro.
Beer+counterstrike=pro gamer.

Once I was able to mag down 5 opponents in a single shot after being flamed by these noobs.
Poor fellas didn't knew I was high.From reliable sources I came to know that WALLE(a pro gamer)) use to gulp 3 mugs of beer before playing any international matches.

2.Watch "Kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi"  without aspirin.

Peer pressure made me to watch "Kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu
thi " once.I was so much pissed off by that cosmetic covered faces that
I vowed to marry only that girl who hates Ekta Kapoor
and her serials the most.Recently this guy in ma hostel was secretly watching this repeat telecast of "Kyunki...." (fck that name) and I was so much high that I sat beside him and cried the whole night.I too donno why....
3. Do anything at 90kmph +

"When you r high u like to fly"-Dklogy V-3.f.
Advice:Don't try this at home.Instead try on busy crowded national highwayz and meet the most unexpected tragedy in ur life.
Someone truly said "If you haven't drived at 90+ in ur life you are missing something, and if you haven't drived at 90+ in an intoxicated state you will go to Hell" .How true!!

 4.Walk to remember.

I alwayz loved "walk to remember".Becoz that Shane West guy resembled me and secondly that Mandy Moore gal resembled ma ex-Gf...Shit the whole story is a copy-cat of our romantic story.Sue you Nicholas Sparks.Whatever ....when I get high I open up this "walk to remember" on the VLC player and get very emotional.
My father told me once "Boys don't cry".I follow his advice.....


I am a to be chemical engineer guys.I have goals and ambitions too just like u people do.
I love studying.Yeh Seriously I love studying after getting high.It feels awesome.Recent surveys found out that most of engineering guys around the world pass their exams because they can remember the formulas better in post-drunken state.
Perry is God so are his books.I love Perry.Do anyone have any idea whtz written on the second page of the above book after preface??Shit I am such a slow learner......

5.Write blogs about the importance of BEER:
Where is ma laptop screen??
Where ae the lette. ????
Shit am I high??...Why everything is so blurry out here??Hic*....fck.


raman said...

ha ha ha..thts totally hilarious! frm where do u get these ideas man! n tht kyunki.. thing is so funny, i ws laughin my guts out at tht. n hey! wo! tht guy on the bike- he is so.. so.. so..COOL(well, sadly this is a social site)!

NUKTAA said...

funnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! Hilarious

Vishnu said...

sorry to break ur heart.. but i hate beer.. am a proper alcohol guy..
i dunno abt the first 2.. but i'll tell an idea to enhance the third.. listen to highway to hell by ac/dc wen u r goin on 90 n high.. shane west resembles u.. hmmm.. accepted..

Dhruv said...

Hey thankz every1 for supporting "BEER".
A free bumper of No 1 to Vishnu from ma side.Cheerz.