Dec 11, 2009


I loved this girl Kanthama(Actually I loved many gals in my life but it was only one-sided). I guess she loved me too.
I gifted her a Rs.5/- Perk on her birthday.She smiled n ate it in one full was so romantic.
Now she has a boyfriend n he is short ,dark n handsome.Well I m tall,fair n cute.
I called up her one fine day.Heres the conversion (with some editing) .
Tring tring...
Kanthama in pic below wit little make-up(look how beautiful is she ..I miss u baby).                                                

Me: Hello (in ma best husky voice)  
Kanthama:Ohh Dhruv..Hi How r u?? (Shit my voice is still the same).  
Me: Well I am good (in a very relaxed mood).
Kanthama:What are you doing nowadays??
Me:Well I am trying something really hard to win the Nobel Prize n someone's heart.
I laughed,she didn't.
And Blah Blah Blah...
Again a little blah blah blah from ma side.
Me:Do you love me??
Kanthama:Dhruv I have a boyfriend(in stern voice).  
Me:Imagine him as tends to zero(Laplace theorem), now will u love me??          
Kanthama:No,you were too bore.
Me:Ok do you like me??  
Kanthama:WTF the only thing I liked about you was your handwriting.  
Me:What can a boy do to win your love??(in the most desperate voice possible) 

Me:Sorry ..Whatz that??
Kanthama:Ask ma boyfriend.Hez the 3rd best humorous blogger in India acc to survey.
On the flipside I opened a new tab in mozilla n wikied "blogging".I started to read n chat.  

Kanthama:If you can overpower him with your blog I can be yours truly.
I imagined her eyes n her hair .They were so dark.(see in pic)

Me:Ok fine...I will overpower your humour-rich boyfriend's blog one day n you will be forever Mrs. Dhruv.. From that day I started blogging n thus I became a blogger.
Hope someday my Kanthama will come back to me n gift me a Rs.5/- Perk to me will be so romantic.


Shivam Maheshwari said...

I wish you luck......

NUKTAA said...

HAHAHAHA..Wel ma vote goes to u ma fren..may u overpower KANTHAMA's boy friend

Dhruv said...

Hey Thankz Nuktaa
Kanthama read ma post n couriered me a "coffee bite".
shit ...way to go .

avin said...

congrats man(4 d coffee bite!! :P)..hope u'll get a 5rs. perk soon....

kitu said...

Wao........Wat aluv story
i cant blv it..u r a man,DUDE..
carry on...........

rAmpAg[E] _Razer~ said...

best of luck my frend :D
startin a blog for ur loved ones ..amazing :O