Feb 18, 2010

Kirfkirt's Bhanja

Note:This space is entirely dedicated to ma little Bhanja "Rinov" due to his ever demanding shoutings;screamings;scratchings and punchings to be a part of ma blog.Btw hez 10 months old and I love him very much.
I alwayz love kids since I was a kid.

Reasons to love a kid:

a)You grow up and want to have kids.

b)They are innocent and pure.You are just the opposite...

c)They piss on your pant/shirt/hairs etc etc. (awesome feeling).

d)You were a kid once.

e)They make you feel like a kid(another awesome feeling).

f)They are uber cool..Case solved.

Conversation between a Bhanja:) n his Mama :( -

Hlow clome mlamla u are slo popular among the flemale society??

Ohh I write BLOG.

Cloool..I wlanna ble like U...Mlake me mlamla.

Then u have to grow up soon n start writing humourous BLOG like me.

Nlo mama....I dlon't like tlypng.U help mle out tlo ble popular amlong the slociety(he meant female society!!)PLz..Plz...

Ok Ok...fine.I will try my best.

I asked my Bhanja to give him his best pose infront of the lens.
He said "ok Mlamla" n took out his favourite disposable glass and Lo!! the result just infront of u-------->

Rinov became ma best buddy during ma recent vacation.We use to play his favourite game "The Supermano".

Defn of "The Supermano": A game played between 2 person viz an adult supports a kid to make him fly like superman.
"Involves high risk ; hence shouldn't be tried inside home ..try outside."
Rinov greatly enjoyed this game.His gigglings and cheers vanished all those worries of mine.I loved it too.

Rinov is ubercool.Shit I get jealous of him everytime.Oneday Rinov after pissing on my favourite "Pepe Jeans" Tee innocently whispered in ma ear "Dlhruv Mama..U r so cool ...wlhy dlon't u evel glet alngry ???" My anger vaporised in no moment...

But Rinov is imba adorable.I can already forecast him as the Desi "Nick Menza" from his drumming ability.He would beat anything until a clear sound vibrates his tiny ear drums(Ahh..his punches are real deal).
But I greatly adore this naughty creature.Love U boy.

Rare moments of the cutiest pie in the world.

Ahh..Rinov wantz everyone of you to comment about him.


Nisha. said...

"Cute" is all I can say.

Anonymous said...

hey the video was fab. ur bhanja tried hard to get on his feet to pose. he is surely imprsv.. SO SWEET..

Dhruv said...

Ahh...his Mama is even sweeter.....
Newayz Bhanja sayz thankz to evry1.

priyanka said...

hey rinov....
u r a studd and that killer smile of urs... oooooo...
dnt wry bout getting famous in d girl world coz u hv got all dat it takes i can see that..
already topping my list...
cheers.. enjoy ur life...

Dhruv said...

I m jealous now!!!!