Jul 22, 2010

Pea-cock>>non-males...welcome to IITK

Never ever in ma life had I ever dreamed of doing ma Masters .But fate is all wht one can be never sure off.
Thankz to the 1 hour of Counter-strike practise just before giving the GATE which might have stimulated ma brain cells to such an extent that GATE questions seemed like a watching the Shasha Grey stuffs....

So finally Kirfkirt dude banged into so called Hall of Residence 8 : H-312 of IIT- K on 17th July this year.
Everything seemed warm...from the climate to the welcoming by the seniors.

5 commandments for a new PG student (from the 5 days experience).

NB:Readers are advised to follow the commandments at their own risk.Consequences wouldn't be shared with the author.

1) Get a bicycle.no excuses plz.If u fckn don't know how to ride it ; better start practising along with your GATE preparation.

2)Get in touch with any senior over here.If you don't have any ; consult facebook , orkut etc etc.Your girl-friend's best friend's brother's sister's boyfriend might be studying over here.Keep track of it.
Rest .."India is small".

3)If you are allergic to peacock don't come to IITK. Peacock/Non-male >1.

4)If you got a girl-friend plz tell her to accompany till here.Girls are allowed in the hostel till 12 night Ahh No.... till morning(itz upto you and her) ....'Itz 3 a.m now n I can still see that couple in the canteen'.
Love you IITK.

5)Great net speed+imba food+terabytes of shared entertainments+unlimted facilities and freedom.If you put your thumbs up for all these ..welcome to IITK.

Todays informal meeting with the department seniors made me to write all the above stuffs.
In the meeting when I spoke of ma areas of interest I mentioned about being a blogger.
But Heck I hadn't updated ma blog since more than 2 months which was surely in a rusty condition..so just to oil it up a bit I randomly wrote this no-nonsense commandments.
And Seniors ...thankz for the snack-treat.

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