Aug 17, 2009

The DAY of my 1st interview.

Anxieties and worries know no boundaries.And I was trying to enjoy those as they make up my minor portions of my life.Indian Oil Corporation Ltd(IOCL) was scheduled to visit NIT Raipur campus on 17th Aug'09.My name was included in the top 10 short listed candidates..thankz to companies policy and Indian government...lucky OBCs.
My roompartner Vysagh and me were pretty much cool about the forthcoming eruption.Past 2 days we enjoyed a lot ..from downloading comix to making soup ...every moment was enjoyable.
The D-day details: 6 a.m ..we woke up.revised a couple of theories and definations.The tie and the shirt was neatly pressed once again.Took a couple of photos in the 1st official "gentleman" version .I refreshed myself with "reverrse polarity " headbangers.
8:30 am.: we managed to get into the E-classroom.One fella with the name Rakesh bored us a lot(especially me) with the preplacement talks.He was the sales manager of IOCL (didn't told us the division).The death funeral continued till half an hour.I can see 29 anxious faces beaming into the projector wall.

Around 10 am the first candidate Mr Yogendar Kumar was called for interview.They fucked him for half an hour.terrible.......
I was the 8th in the line.
Serially all went inside and came out with a smiling face...that made me feel at ease.
They called me up around 11:22 am(to be precise)....Wished "Good morning panel"....all above 40 years of age.The old man to my left started first...
"So you r from Assam r8??" "hell yeh"....
HOw do you pronounce your title "Konwar"??..the old man to my second r8 asked me.
Then they continued with their torture with "why you hadn't taken admission in NIT Silchar rather than taking adm in this fucking coll??".LOGICAL n TRUTHFUL answers.....I gave them.
then they switched on to technical..straight from my training at LPG dept. OIL, Duliajan......the answers I gave them were sounding and satisfactory to me...
The last qs the old man to my extreme right asked me .."Which is the liquid metal used in thermometer??" that was a piece of cake.."Mercury Sir".Name the planet which shares the same name???..Man ..r the fools joking.... Mercury u fools.
Then they bid me adieu.
THank u Sir. I left.
Around 4:30 p.m. the results were out....Me the unlucky bastard didn't make roompartner did...n other 4 ."Lifez never treat u with beer and chicken everyday".
I switched off my cellphone...I like doing that.
Hell yeah "let the next PSU come".
Life will alwayz treat me with beer and chicken after that.


irin said...

i simply luvd de last statement!! :P

Anonymous said... self motivation

Dhruv said...

Thankz anonymous...
I hate "burqa" ; plz unveil it.