Sep 4, 2009

X-COLON n PETROTech. was the day which I really like to call a busy n fruitful day.
Woke up at unusual 8 ...MOTIVE: to make "farhrahs" for my petroleum technology test.
Juntus... "farhrahs"  means ready made answers sheets  for any class-test.The seem like important question's answers are noted down in a delicate and unsuspicious manner and AilA!!! the "farhrahs are ready".Freshly published answer sheets are ready to be submitted to the teachers.
NOTE:U can contact me personally if you really want to gain expertise in this field.There are hell lot of techniques and hacks for that.
Well the farhrahs as usual did the trick today..mind it only 1-2% cases fail(thatz a nominal risk for a good career).
2 questions and fcko they are ready in no time.I did some social service meanwhile passing my sheets in my neighbourhoods.I love the thrill in that.
Test gone in a good note.Thank me.
Went to invite our dear teachers for tomorrows "teachers day celebration".
All were really in a good mood..."rare".
IOCL recruited fellas invited the unrecruited ones (poor me) to celebrate.
Venue: X-colon . 1p.m
By 3p.m all were present...DJ music in full volume.Was enjoying the matkas and jhatkas of evryone....I wish I could dance.
I also did some bumping and jumping in the Dj floor ..It was fun..yeh yeh "It was fun".Na was a "forced fun".
Meanwhile I did a couple of window shopping for two reasons----My eardrums needed some rest n secondly I had to had some fresh air.
Ahhh..the food started...panner and nun are my occasional favourites..gulped them.
Ohh..."kahin to hogi woh" romantic heart told me "get up boy ; you should invite a sweety to dance with you".
BAs..with no second thought this unexperienced dude went up to dance....
"Bhagwan aaj meri izzat rakhna".
Raman , Avinash n Vidya were pro...comon...n this noob was trying to step up with them..Fck man...
Newayz I swayed to my right and left with no rhythm...n Lo I was dancing (acc to me).
I went up to Mamta and asked her bollywood dance with me.All popping eyes were upon us...."moments as such are precious" ....It was fun.
Done....conclusion---I M GONNA LEARN DANCING.
The preparations for the teachers day have to be done.Me , Yogi and Vysagh
did the shopping and managed to get ready all the necessary stuffs for tomorrows function...
FORMATILITY is really something which u want to avoid it but can't ignore it.
Challo ...letz see whtz in store for tomorrow.

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raman said...

thts a COMPILATION! a RARE memory of the few best times when our class united to celebrate n have fun!