Apr 22, 2011

The Love-gedy.

When I was in class 6 ,I fell in love with this beautiful girl who use to come in the white Mahindra Armada.She was in class 4 at that time.She got those tiny little ears and a little mole in her right cheek.It was love at first sight!!I dreamt of having my grandkids with her.Basking into my glorified dream I drew a cartoon of me and her ; holding hands inscribing our names into it and carefully treasured inside my brand new red underwear pocket.
One day my emotions overflowed when she giggled at me when I was out of my class kneeling down.I knew this is the sign ; the day has finally come to express my love. I took photocopies of my treasure and pasted them all over in the girl's toilet late after school that day.

KD loves RS

Next day there was a huge commotion in the school.I saw boys trying to avoid girls as much as they can.I knew the gravity of the situation.My eyes radared around for my crush. There she was sitting pretty with her bunch of friends,giggling as usual.I smiled at her.She too smiled back at me.I knew this was it.I could see in her eyes "her love for me".I took out my 'coffee bite' which had letters inscribed "KD loves RS" from my pocket and approached towards her.My heart raced in timescale of a millisecond.But KD didn't bow down to all those emotional threats ; he slowly went up to RS and expressed his love by going down on knees and gifting her the special "coffee bite".The next moment I remember I had a pink thread tied to my hand;the coffee bite still intact within my tiny fingers.
For reference check below picture ,

Lesson learnt : Never propose a girl on a Raksha Bandhan day .

Don't get fooled by the above picture/ads.Love-gedy continued.....


Bedanta Bikash Borah said...

haha .. i didnt see that coming!

zAiNy said...

lmao ...what a love-gedy indeed...
is ur heart still broken?!