Apr 25, 2011

Rebecca Black.....Reallly??

I guess I should start by thanking KiRfKiRt dUdE for sharing his blog with me to express my ideas....So thanks much KD!
Listening to Kelly Rowland's "MOTIVATION" and being kinky really makes a GAL wanna blog ...
Bear with me C,G n F followers ... this is my first entry.....(and hopefully not my last =p)

So the other night.... my bf had what he thought was an enlightening idea.... getting jiggy to none other than Rebecca Black's (RB) "FRIDAY"!!!
For those of you who know of her.... well... u know why that would be any gf's NIGHTMARE...
And for those who don't know her... i guess I'll have to increase the no. of hits RB's got on youtube by posting this....(i apologize in advance, KD)

Spoof of Rebecca Black's 'FRIDAY'

Now this had Zainy thinking.....Music is INSPIRING.... nothing like a good song to make a girl wanna lose herself...
HOWEVER... what if the guy's idea of a hot song is a girl's snoozefest?!?!??!?!?!
learning from the best GURU out there.... Kirfkirt Ji.... i decided to do my own little survey... and this is wat i found...
100% of the girls love music to get their groove on
and guys... 90% didn't really care ftw was playing in the background.... and the 10% that do love themselves some juicy music... well i question their masculinity DEEPLY... =p

Upon further research... i discovered several websites that lists best songs to seduce/serenade/whatever-the-heLL-u-wanna-call-it
There are even GENRE-specific websites.......
I really wonder if guys google this to get ideas of what their "lady love" might like...
or do they just assume every girl is into justin beiber (JB) and just play his songs !?!???!!

The strenuous work made me remember the time wen one of my old roomies made a cd for me entitled, "ZAINY'S LOVE MIX"....
These were the songs:
1. My Humps- Black Eyed Peas
2. So Do You Only Wanna Dance - Mya
3. La Tortura
AND a whole bunch of spanish songs i don't know the names of...

I can honestly say i never used the CD for the purpose it was meant for.... sorry roomie.. mayb I should have tried....who knows how it would have turned out.... but i guess i'll never know... as i lost that cd....WOMP WOMP WOMP!!! =(

So for all you Clueless FOLKS*** out there, here are some lessons:

A. The female gender LOVES music.... not my opinion... just what my stats proved!
B. JB = SUCKS = RB .... so unless you are trying to hit on a 12- 15 yr old girl... STAY AWAY FROM THIS EQUALITY
C. GOOGLE!!!!... cmon now!!! in this day and age... if ur desperate and not using google to fix ur problems, you must be from outer space!
D. OH...if you are an Alien.... HI! thank you for reading my post... and i've the perfect song for you... "E.T." by Katy Perry ft. Kanye West =D

*** NOTE: I did not specify the "lessons" for just guys.... lesbians are welcome to use this list as well... i know i should have generalized the entire post... but too lazy to change it now..

I bid you Adieu with Marvin Gaye..., "Music, not sex, got me aroused."

Peace, Love, n Music

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