Feb 22, 2011

RandoM thoughtS

I have no idea what I will be writing down in this post.3 hours of sleep and continuous banging by IIT K profs just made me lick up my fingers and I am smashing at the keyboards with no good reason.If you too are bored just like me right now then you are advised not to proceed any further because still I have got no idea what this post will be all about.It might be about my sufferings ,my Dklogies,my galfriends,about God...

My guide will be here(LAB) any moment and if he sees me writing my blog in the lab he will "GM" me for sure.To go with bloggers terms and conditions I am not revealing what "GM" is.Sincere/innocent guy like me can figure it out in no time.
Often in my brainy brain strange questions tickle up.
"Why do we gals wear makeup??
For how many days a man can survive without bathing??
Will silicon chest and abs(six-packs) come up for males??
Is it possible to invent a device which can scan up all the mobile numbers nearby(specially female neighbours)??
P.S: Kirfkirt dude have been carrying out top-secret experiments to expose all these bits and craps.

Still clueless about what I am doing with my life I often end up with Youtube guy for readymade serenade.
A fine noon I was randomly searching about As and Bs in You-Tube and I finished up with a contented video about pole-dancing.A little patience can take you to peace.

The article you are looking at may not be work safe!

...Although, since you're already here it's kind of too late for this warning to actually be useful.

Pole dancing is a form of performing art, a combination of dancing and gymnastics It involves dancing sensually with a vertical pole and is often used in strip clubs and gentlemen's clubs " -Wikipedia.
(Not to confused with dancing in the North/South pole)
" I pole dance everyday to keep myself fit...Hissss.." - Mallika Sherawat.
" Pole dancing can be a part of Indian education system"- Kapil Sibbal.
" Mommy,can I marry a pole dancer?? "- Kirfkirt dude.
"I want to represent India in Pole-dancing competition"-Kirfkirt Dudez 12 old cousin.

I often ask my friends and professors in IITK what is so special about pole-dancing.Feedbacks in concise form are as follows :

a) Pole dancing they say originates from India.Hence in order to keep our tradition alive and patriotism sake people pole-dance.
(p:s: refer mallakhamba [link] ).

b) One of my Phd friend recently took up to pole-dancing as he read somewhere that it reduces the fat-content in the body .All he thinks about is pole-dance and he is planning to write a thesis on the "So you think you can POLE DANCE."

c)Robbers and thieves community conduct pole-dance as their preliminary stage to certify their members.

d)"Way to a man's heart is through pole-dance"-Aunty Sarita.

Pole dancing: Its not for the strippers anymore.Pole dancing started way back in America in 1920s depression period where dancers in travelling troupe used pole as a prop for performance to save their livelihood and hence the popularity rosed to a new height with countries like Australia,Canada,Japan,France,Netherlands n the UK holding prestigious pole dancing competitions every year deviating from its main motive.
N.B : Kirfkirt dudez wishlist include attending one of those competitions.

The video which you have been waiting for ages :

Eyes blueberry ,Lips strawberry.Should I accept her proposal??

The above picture got nothing to do with pole-dancing.The guys here are playing "Organic Holi" among themselves where organs are decorated with the help of other organs....
N.B : Applying red color mark ..so called Sindoor along the parting of the hair is a kind of "Organic Holi".

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