Feb 9, 2011

The SEXY me!!

Recently one of my close friend , Iron Mathew threw me a challenge.A challenge which if I accepted would degrade me infront of my girlfriends.But my courageous alter-ego Kirfkirt Dude never backed down.This time was no different.Heres the summary.

"Kirfkirt dude, label out through five sexy pictures of yours describing the qualities and traits of you in it."

The 5 sexy Avatars of Kirfkirt dude :

1.The crazy,funny hotpot

This dates back to second year of my engineering life where one of my girl-friends asked me on a date.I usually don't go on a date but her persistant cooes melted me out and I sat behind her scooty .She drove me straight to KFC (Kirfkirt Fried Chicken), a chain of western dhabas famous among the hippies.(I refer the the rich brats as hippies for personal reasons).Starters,exotic hot and spicy chicken pieces,King-Zong Boxes, desserts,cola made its way into our table.I smacked them to glory.
I glanced at the front table.A cute girl of my age was winking at me, besides tearing the leg-piece.I instantly fell in love. I just blushed away.My dimples became clear.
"Is she in love with me too??"Thousands of question ran down through my brain.
My gf talked and talked.I hardly gave a damn.I was too busy flirting with my front neighbour.
Hunger can make people devour anything.Situation was demanding.I ate nearly everything ,even her share.Its fun to eat others share.Finally the BILL arrived.I peeped at it and pretended to act to natures call.I sprang out of my seat.After half an hour I arrived at the scene thinking my gf would have handled the situation by now but she was acting normal.I smelled fishy and hecK the BILL was lying at the same spot where I left it.I chcked my wallet.Two 10 rupee note sat petrified inside.My SBI bank balance stored no more than 300 bucks.
I turned towards her , possibly giving my best romantic look and asked "Will you pay the bill?"
Before I could sense any motion I felt something hit hard on my balls.
Universal fact: Pointed shapes does more damage when hit.
She took out her cell and clicked a couple of my sexy looks.A result is as below.

2.The Serious Chuck Norris

Ok Gals now stop drooling over that picture.

I bet no one could look more serious than this one.If you feel you can impress me with your best possible "serious looks" do mail me.Rs 10 is at stake.
Campus season was on.I persuaded the photographer to edit my passport size photo to the best possible "serious" look he can do.I too left no stone unturned.Happy and contented I pasted those pictures in every application form was well as in matrimonial sites.I am still waiting for their replies.Guess they don't want any serious looking guy.Poor them!!

3.The fatherly figure.

The kid is not my son

Kirfkirt dude have recently discovered that kids do love him a lot and they don't even think a second before jumping into his arms.Any possible suggestion of replacing the "kid" by "girl" is welcome.Btw the baccha I am holding is my bhanja Rinov who loves his Mama Very much.I hope I can make him just like me and make his parents proud ; but my sister wouldn't allow me to come near him.To read more about this cutie pie herez the link.

4.The QUIET Poet/Meditator.

The picture was taken when Kirfkirt dude was meditating after he accidently consumed some alcohol in place of cola.Bastards.

Kirfkirt dude favourite past-time is meditation.He even joined yoga classes for reasons that won't be discussed over here.But overall Kirfkirt dude love meditating.Infact most of his path-breaking ideas emerge during this period.The best part of meditation is that you have control power over yourself you hardly shout at anyone.People just adore you for that.They may even worship you.So meditate just like me and make this world a better place to live.

5.The Sporty dude.

Megan Fox & Kirfkirt dudez sexy cropped haircut.

Kirfkirt dude have always been a big fan of Megan Fox.To read more about Megan Fox heres the [link].If you think Kirfkirt dudez sporty look is sexy do SMS [yourname] [HAAN] to 5678 or if you think if you he look sexier in long hairs SMS [NA] .Winners will be selected randomly and will be given the same sporty cut free of cost.

Secret fact : Kirfkirt dudez dancing tutor(in the video below).Hez just mindblowing.


aakash said...

ROFL... wad a read!
Your hotpot look is so natural.. I wonder (poor balls) :P
keep it coming..

Dhruv said...

Now gals r demanding to stay me in "the hotpot look".They find it sexy u c.